Address: Øregårds Allé 25, 2900 Hellerup

Time and Place:

Copenhagen    20 January 2018

Ballerup             21 January 2018

Helsingør          23 January 2018

Horsens             25 January 2018

Kolding              26 January2018

Sønderborg      27 January 2018

Aarhus               28 January 2018

Happy Chinese New Year Performance 2018


Organized by

Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

The Embassy of the People|s Republic of China in the Kingdom of Denmark

Introduction of Jilin Art Troup


Located at the central part of northeastern China, and ordering Russia and North Korea, Jilin Province is renowned for its beautiful scenery with ice and snow during its long winter. It abounds in natural, historic and cultural resources.


Besides Han people, Jilin is also home of around 48 ethnic groups, which boast of colorful culture.

The Jilin Art Troupe’s performance will consist of fascinating dances, songs, magic and instruments playing, typical of Chinese culture.


The dancing group of Jilin art troupe is a prestigious team in China which has participated in many important cultural events and been awarded various prizes. Their works combine traditional Chinese dancing style with elements of local minority groups’ culture.

Happy Chinese New Year is one of the major cultural brand created by Ministry of Culture of China, which covers over 100 countries and regions all around the world. Happy Chinese New Year Performance has been held in Denmark for consecutive 16 years, with a professional art troupe from China visiting Denmark every year and well-received by Danish audience.


The art troupe will tour Denmark during Jan.20-28, 2018, holding performances at cities including Copenhagen, Ballerup,  Helsingør, Horsens, Kolding, Sønderborg,Aarhus. Programs vary from dancing, magic to Chinese traditional music instruments shows.


Besides the Jilin Province art troupe, several handicraftsmen from China will showcase the making of traditional artworks including Fish skin and Bark Artwork, Paper-Cutting, Embroidery and Wood-block prints for New Year etc. and interact with audience. Performances are cosponsored by Ministry of Culture of China, Chinese embassy in Denmark, as well as local governments of Ballerup, Helsingør, Horsens, Kolding, Sønderborg, and Aarhus.

On Jan.20, 2018, Jilin Province art troupe will make its debut in Denmark at concert hall of Royal Danish Academy of Music, right before which the ceremonies of celebrating the 10th anniversary of China-Denmark Comprehensive Strategic Partnership and launching ‘Lighten Up Copenhagen’ will be held, with celebrity from all walks of life of Denmark and Chinese Ambassador to Denmark witnessing the shining moment.