Address: Øregårds Allé 25, 2900 Hellerup


Lighting up walking street

Time: January 16- February 12 2018

Place: Strøget street

Lighten-up Copenhagen’ which will be held during January 16- February 12 aiming to create a joyful atmosphere of Chinese New Year during the dark winter time of Denmark, together with KBH K and Wonderful Copenhagen.

Chinese Embassy will co-hold a series of cultural activities and hang colorful Chinese style lanterns on Strøget street and in the shops alongside the street (January 16- February 12).


Fu (Lucky) Shopping Festival

Time: January 16- February 12 2018

Place: Strøget street


The FU (Lucky) Shopping Festival (January 16- February 12) the main events of the ‘Lighten-up Copenhagen’. During the FU (Lucky) Shopping Festival, people can go to certain shops alongside the pedestrian streets of Copenhagen to get intriguing Red Envelops with Chinese character FU on the surface and discount vouchers inside.


According to Chinese tradition, turning the character FU upside down conveys the meaning that good luck will be brought to you for the whole year. At the Chinese New Year Temple Fair, there will be products of Chinese characteristics for sale, together with Chinese snack, traditional Chinese art demonstration and performances. 

Happy Chinese New Year Performance

Time: January 20-28, 2018

Place:  Different cities around Denmark


“Happy Chinese New Year” is one of the biggest celebrations co-held by Chinese Embassy in Denmark and Ministry of Culture of China, ‘Happy Chinese New Year’ is an influential cultural brand created by Ministry of Culture of China in 2010, which is quite popular around the world now.


In 2017, over 2000 programs had been staged in more than 500 cities in 140 countries and regions, reaching 280 million people all around the world and in 2018 the number of programs around the world will be slight increased, and the Happy Chinese New Year Performance 2018 in Denmark is one of those bright celebrations.


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